U2 in Singapore – 30 Nov 2019

Update: LiveNation announced recently that it has added another night, 01 December for the U2 concert. Hope that you are lucky to score some tickets this time.

And I am back, and what prodded me to write again is just one amazing news in concert history in Singapore. U2 is going to our small city state for the first time in November. Organizers, Live Nation, and U2 itself announced the date of their much awaited concert in the Red Dot. And everyone screamed – Yes! But, let’s not be too excited since I know some key board ticket buyers are getting themselves ready… to hoard, I guess. Sad but just need to beat them to it!

U2 offers early ticket sales to its members on 17 June 10:00 am SGT. Thus, if you have extra USD 50 to spare, go ahead and become a member. But that doesn’t mean that you will get it because who knows, gazillion of fans and non-fans alike (who just would like to take advantage of this) are just doing it right now in preparation for tomorrow. So better get your computers (or laptops, tablets, phones, etc!) for tomorrow. It will be a ticket buying war starting 10:00 am SGT tomorrow!

For the announcement, go here https://www.u2.com/news/title/singapore-for-the-very-first-time

All the best to get your first dibs in that precious ticket!

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