Travel diary 2: Lake Toba (part 2)

The next few days at Lake Toba were surreal. We spent the mornings venturing out of the hotel for a new breakfast find. Tripadvisor, as mentioned in my earlier blog, gives great recommendations and we followed it well. There are few gems to note like Jenny’s restaurant and Maruba.

Jenny’s Restaurant

It was quite a walk from our hotel but it was definitely worth it. From Samosir Villa’s, it took us about 15-20 mins walk, and if you do, just make sure that you bring a torch light if you are venturing at night.

On our first visit to Jenny’s, we didn’t pre-order anything, so we had to wait for 30-45 min for it. To keep us entertained, we went for a karaoke session at a karaoke bar 5 min walk from Jenny’s. The room cost us SG$ 5 for an hour and don’t be surprised if the person manning the reception is also inside the room. He helped us adjust the volume and queue the songs. It was our first time to have a stranger in the same room as us while we belt out songs and dancing to is, but it didn’t stop us from having a good time.

Lake Toba Karaoke Session

After the karaoke session, we went back to Jenny’s for our dinner. We ordered fresh lakefood (fish) and fresh veggies. We ordered two types of fish dish – grilled and a traditional Batak cuisine (with some gravy). Both were sumptuous and filling.

20140802-011452-4492458.jpg 20140802-011454-4494169.jpg 20140802-011453-4493476.jpg jennys1

We had dinner for one more night at Jenny’s and this time, we ordered in advance. We had 1.5 kilo of lobster for only SG$13 and another grilled fish, plus vegetables. Do note that it is advisable to pre-order so that you avoid having to wait. Actually, it is not only true to Jenny’s but also to most of the food places there since there weren’t many tourists and they had to cook the dishes on the spot. It is good to have some form of entertainment while waiting – for example playing cards or playing the guitar.

The other place where we found the food delightful was Maruba (which got two thumbs up from all of us). We tried their traditional cuisines and these were just amazing. As you can see the aftermath of our table:

Our Maruba Meal aftermath

Breakfast is always a delight because of the banana pancake. This dish actually grows in you, especially with the chocolate syrup poured generously on top.


More places from TripAdvisor

Apart from karaoke session at night, you can also entertain yourselves with a good game of pool for SG$5 for an hour.


During the day, we would lounge in the pool, go to the lake for some kayaking and have a massage by the pool (actually it at the top of a tower overlooking the lake; breezy massage). We also visited the highest point of Samosir island to view the 360 degrees of the island.

lakefloater1 kayaking1

After the massage with the local masseurs
highest point of Samosir island to view at least 360 degrees (on a clear day) of the lake


On the way back to Medan, instead of hiring a van upon docking at the jetty, we decided to share the van with other passengers. It only costs SG$10-$15, depending on the number of people. If it has 6 people, it would be SG$10 per pax.

We stayed for a night in Medan and tried some Chinese food, cooked differently from the ones we are used to in Singapore. We forgot to take photos since we were so hungry and finished the food before we realized we had to take some good photos.

Overall, Medan and Lake Toba are both nice places to visit, but I think it is just a one-off thing for me. I still love the beach and some sun and sand in between my toes. But I would still recommend to visit Lake Toba at least once in your life since the tourism industry there is not well taken cared of and I am not sure how long it’ll be sustained.


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