My summer beat – Jessie Ware’s ‘If you’re never gonna move’


While I was sitting in the bus, and listening to online radio, I heard this very catchy song that has the soul vibe to it, and a little taste of R&B. Then, I hear that sexy ladylike Scottish accent, which isn’t thick (though I really can’t figure out what the guy was rapping… but he sounds cool with it, too). It made me hum and drum my fingers to the melody that gives me a soothing, summer-y feeling. I thought it was a Sophie Ellis-Bexter or an Ellie Golding song, but it was not.

It is a song by a Scottish singer-songwriter named Jessie Ware. Jessie’s song ‘If you’re never gonna move’ sounds refreshing and danceable. It brings me that summer-y feeling of being carefree, and more adventurous (though the lyrics doesn’t seem like it, but it could be summer, too, i.e. the end of summer where your love during the hot steamy months has to go back somewhere… the experience of summer love and broken heart). I could imagine dancing to it around a bonfire, under the moonlit sky, while hearing the soft waves crashing on the soft shores. I will be dancing closer to someone, yet dancing alone. Hearing this makes me say, ‘Well, hello, summer!’.

I am loving this song and definitely my summer beat. Thanks to Monster RX, a radio station back in the Philippines, for always bringing in fresh-out-of-the-oven music.

So, what does this music remind you of?

Check out links about Jessie Ware:

(photo grabbed from Jessie Ware’s facebook page)


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