Time of My Life. Dirty Dancing comes to Singapore.

“Now, I’ve had the time of my life… No I never have felt like this before…”

Dirty Dancing 1

Dirty Dancing was my girl move in the 1980s. It was all that I have ever wanted to experience when I reach my teenage years. I was 10 years old then, when it came out of the big screen (now, you can do the maths of my age!), and being a ‘tweeny’, I wanted my parents to bring us to a great summer vacation place, with a lot of dancing, where I could learn the moves on a dance floor with a hunky dance instructor. Who would not want to have Johnny Castle as your dance instructor, played by 80s heartthrob Patrick Swayze? I was envisioning myself to be France ‘Baby’ Houseman (Jennifer Grey) caught in this coming out of age movie. Though no one really knew both at that time and no known big stars billed in the movie, Dirty Dancing became a massive box office hit. I have watched the movie several times, even until now, as it brings to life my carefree days as a child hoping for that ‘unforgettable summer vacation.’ And I have always wanted to be lifted in the air while dancing to the tune of Time of My Life…. Awwww. (There are plans for a remake of the original movie, but due to casting issues, it was moved from 2012 to 2014).

Fast forward to 2007, I watched Dirty Dancing in London at the West End, and now 2013, I will be watching it again in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands. I recently watched Jersey Boys, but this time, Dirty Dancing would be closer to my heart and childhood years. I can’t wait. Curtains will open on the 24th of May until 16th of June 2013. Ticket sales over the internet and other channels have already started. Available at all Sistic.

Here are some memorable photos that I love, taken off the internet.

Dirty Dancing 2Dirty Dancing 4

Dirty Dancing 3 Dirty Dancing 5


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