Singapore Rugby Sevens

Singapore Rugby Sevens

Singapore Rugby Sevens

Next week, 2-4 November, will see the Padang transformed into one fully-fledged stadium as it hosts the 65th Anniversary of the Singapore Cricket Club International 7s. Rugby fans and party goers will be treated to a weekend of rugby as they get to soak in the Olympic sport of 7s (see it in Rio 2016) in the famous Friendly Sevens. This year, it will incorporate the Asian Sevens Series, which is a Rugby Sevens World Cup Qualifier. A lot of things to look forward, too! Rugby, fun, and party. Non-stop entertainment, sports and partying over the weekend.

This is going to be my 2nd time for the Singapore 7s and third time attending a 7s series (the other was the Hong Kong 7s… that was a total blast…). Though I have only played touch rugby, I have been entertained by this sport, rugby in general. As they say – Rugby is a barbarians’ game played by gentlemen…..

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