$$$ to spend on another gadget – likely… or unlikely – iPad mini event tomorrow

iBook G4 and MacBook Pro

I am not really a gadget person, though I began to own an Apple gadget in the late 1990s/early 2000 where I had an iMac- a candy colored computer, orange to be exact. It is still sitting in my room back home. It still runs, but it runs or crawls like a snail (I think a snail crawls faster. LOL). Nevertheless, I still look at it with fond memories. It takes a lot of space, too, of my desk, with its bulky backside, but who cares. It was the top of the line before, and I was happy to own it (thanks to my parents who bought it for me, but I had to pay it back by doing some household chores or helping in my mom’s business… I was taught at an early age that nothing comes for free… which is a good thing).

Fast forward to 2005, I came to Singapore and saw the need to own a computer out here. It was actually a necessity as almost everything is done online in this tiny red dot. So, I decided to buy the iBook G4, which is still tucked away in my drawer, in my room (iBook is pictured here with my MacBook Pro). Until now, it is still working, and I can still use it for watching movies. The picture display is still good, and I have a hard time just thinking of letting it go.

iBook G4 and MacBook Pro

Now, in 2012, I have owned an iPhone and iPad, and I am now entertaining the idea of upgrading my current iPhone 4G to the iPhone 5. Though I have never owned an iPod, I will try to complete my iGadget family. So now, I am thinking, should I buy an iPad mini?

I am happy with my iPad2, and having a mini won’t really make a difference to me as you may know iPad2 doesn’t have retina display and the mini doesn’t have, too. Most tech review forums would highlight this, but I am indifferent to it. All I want is just having a lighter and smaller version of the iPad, but not as small as the iPhone (sometimes the iPhone works for me as I have to carry smaller bags but it is a pain to read articles or emails), and having an iPad mini will work perfectly well. I did entertain the thought of switching to a smaller and lighter Android tablet, which was a sacrilege to me, because of the size and the weight requirements. But thank goodness, before I spend $$$ for the Android tablet, I see this news. I have to agree with PC Magazine’s article that for any gadget you want to buy, you must tailor it to your technology lifestyle, and I already know what I want. Now, I just have to make sure I have the $$$ to buy as I have read from various sites that it is going to be pricey, and I still have not bought my iPhone5. :-$

Watch out online for the Apple iPad Mini event tomorrow, 23 October. I am sure there will be a lot of buzz going on for that.

(Sources: pcmag.com’s article about the iPad Mini Buyer’s Guide)


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