Sting – you still wow me

Sting (photo grabbed from

When I came across a tweet that Sting has cancelled his concert in Manila, I panicked. What if it is the entire tour that is going to get cancelled? I have this vision again of getting my 2nd concert cancellation here in Singapore (the first was Foo Fighters). I quickly scanned the net for any news, and whew… it was only a change of venue in Manila. But oh boy, the reasons behind of the change of venue comes close to Sting’s environment advocacy.

Sting’s 9th December ‘Back to Bass Tour’ concert is supposed to be held at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA), however, because the venue is part of the SM Prime Holdings, Inc,  and MOA’s sister company in Bagiuo City, Philippines has an approved plan (yes, it is approved by the Philippine government) to uproot 182 trees, mostly pines, due to the property’s redevelopment plans, Sting’s agents and concert organizers received a letter from lawyer Daytec-Yangot, together with the Baguio-based environmentalist group Project Save 182, on calling on the change of venue. Sting, with the environment close to his and his wife Trudie Styler’s heart, and his organizers, decided to move the concert to another venue – Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Kudos to you Sting. You definitely wow me for standing by these 182 pine trees. And I will see you on 13th December here in Singapore, for the 2nd time.


Sting calls off Philippine gig in pine-tree row


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