Marie Digby – very entertaining


This is by far one of the most intimate concerts I’ve ever been. It’s not that it was not a sold concert, but it’s more of the entertainer herself – Marie Digby. Probably, the smaller number of audience played a big part as Marie was able to reconnect and talk to us (well, I’m included… Hahaha) like she is playing for a group of friends.

All throughout the concert, Marie weaved stories in between songs and made it real to the audience. Like any other musician, her stories were full of strong emotions and it’s in those instances where most of her songs were conceived.

Marie is witty, and able to inject good humor in between songs. She keeps on forgetting her mic when she shifts from in front of the stage where she plays the guitar to her piano, but she was able to use it to her advantage when the audience interacted with her because of that. (By the way, I don’t get it why Esplanade nor her producer didn’t request for two mics. Possible acoustics issues maybe?)

It is a pity that not many were able to attend her concert. It was a good experience to see an aspiring musician, though in her own right she has already made her mark, to make beautiful music without any air.

I give her two thumbs up and hope that she visits Singapore again. This time, with a bigger audience.



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