Red Bull Flugtag

Red Bull Flugtag Logo

Red Bull Flugtag Logo

I have been seeing these posts on facebook by my friends (thanks to facebook… I am updated… but most of all thanks to my status-posting-trigger-happy friends for always being on facebook… probably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?) about making a trip to Siloso Beach in Sentosa on 28th October. I looked it up in the internet and voila! It is about the Red Bull Flugtag happening for the first time in Singapore. Cool. I remember a friend of mine who watched this in Sydney, Australia and boy, he said it was happy chaos. So, I am blocking my day for this and will head down with my friends to Sentosa.

Red Bull Flugtag is an event organized by no other than… (drum roll, please…) Red Bull, in which competitors attempt to fly a homemade flying limited human-powered machine, launched from a platform into the sea. Of course, most of the time these flying machines will just crash to the sea, but people will watch this for its entertainment value, and the party vibe of the event.

If you wish to find out more about the event, you may visit wikipedia, sites. To have an idea of what is in store for you on the 28th October… check the video from the link below:—What-The-Flug-021243269662369

Indeed, Redbull gives you wings… (I can’t embed the Red Bull Flugtag Singapore given their link… might as well get the Red Bull commercial from youtube, for some dramatic ‘flying’ effect).

(Sources: wikipedia,, youtube, for the photo above which is also from site)


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