To Rome with Love

To Rome With Love

To Rome With Love

I know that the movie did not get good ratings, with rottentomatoes rating it with 45%, but it helped me get through a boring Saturday night.

I have always loved Woody Allen movies, from its quirky and witty conversations, to unexpected twists of the mind. I got exposed to his films quite late, in 1995 with Mighty Aphrodite. Since then, I tried to search for his past films and viewed these as much I can.

I was fortunate to catch the last of few shows of his latest film, and it brought out the romantic side of me again. It transported me to the steps of Rome, be enchanted by its wonderful sights, and got involved in the kaleidoscopic journey of love of its colorful characters.

If ever the movie is still showing in the theaters (I watched it in Shaw Lido), try to catch it, despite the tomatometer of less than 50%. To Rome with Love will surely tickle your fancy, especially if you want to laugh and fall in love at the same time. Did I forget to mention that one of the actors, Flavio Parenti who plays Michaelangelo is hot?

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