A comedy of manners…without the manners… God of Carnage

God of Carnage

God of Carnage

I came across this storyline in a movie by Roman Polanski in 2011. It is about a pair of parents who at first wanted to settle in a more civilized manner, a squabble between their sons. However, what was hoped to be a civil discussion between two sets of adult couples, became a verbal warfare. In the movie, it was utterly hilarious when the parents exhibited more childish antics compared to their children.

Now that I heard that SRT is staging this comedy with a powerhouse cast of Adrian Pang and Lea Salonga, I am excited to watch this. I first watched the duo in 2000, in SRT’s adaptation of “They’re Playing Our Song”, where it was showcased in Manila, Philippines at the AFP Theater, and I thought that their on-stage relationship was real. They were so good in playing their parts, that in my young mind, I thought they were going to end up together… well, sans the drama of the play, of course. I have also watched Lea Salonga during her West End years, playing the lead in Ms Saigon (which was followed by Monique Wilson, who I also watched, too). It was then that I fell in love with musicals and theater.

Now, watching both of them play again would be transporting me back into time in 2000.

Catch God of Carnage showing from 6th of November at DBS Arts Centre. Tickets are available at sistic.com.sg

(References: wikipedia, sistic.com.sg and srt.com.sg; photo grabbed from srt.com.sg)


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