It’s all about lace

of lace and tapestry

I have yet to give my good friend another shout out, and the time for this 2nd shout out has come… when I came across a photo on his facebook page.

I was passing away time on the net, playing between windows of facebook, twitter and reading online news (yes, I do read hardcore news from CNN, BBC to say Financial Times…) when I came across an old post on facebook of my friend Joseph Aloysius Montelibano’s not-so-recent work – lace and tapestry. It was mainly targeted to young students, mainly those going for their prom. His work (as seen below) was even featured recently in an all-girls school prom fair and fashion show, in Manila, Philippines where he is currently based now.

of lace and tapestry

(Photo grabbed from Joseph Aloysius’ facebook page)

I have to say – I fell instantly in love with the colors and texture. The mix of design, cut and hue was just perfect. It just reminds me of the subtle feminine elegance of Monique Lhuillier or Dior’s lace creations. I just have to admit that I don’t mind having a prom to attend right now, even though I am way too old for that. Oh well, I just have to find a good occasion to wear this.

Jo-Al (as what I fondly call him) is going back to his roots, his birthplace in Iloilo City, Philippines, for a one-night fashion festival on 11th of November. It will be a night of Fashion, Music, Culture, Models, Artists, Designers, Photographers, Bloggers, Celebrities and Stylish Personalities…all under one roof. Follow Jo-Al’s facebook for any updates of this event, and for his love for fashion, his creations and events that he will grace.


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