Let’s groove to David Guetta

David Guetta

Are you ready to party? Well, I am!

If you are looking to spice up your Thursday night (which is a couple of minutes from now), then you can head up to Fort Canning Park and party. David Guetta, French house music producer and DJ, known for his hits like Memories, When Love Takes Over, and so much more, will be in Singapore for a one night gig. Presented by Zouk, one of Singapore’s oldest running clubs (which you could say an institution by itself), it is expected to welcome hundreds or even thousands of party-goers.

If you have not bought a ticket yet, you can head down to the venue tomorrow afternoon. Since tickets to be sold, according to Zouk, will be limited there, you can still head down tonight until 2am to Zouk and get your tickets at the bar counter. Just flash your smile and say – I am here for the David Guetta concert… and the bartenders will know that they won’t sell you alcohol but a ticket to party.

Joining David Guetta will be Swedish DJ Alesso, an electronic house producer specializing in progressive house music. This sure is going to be fun. We will definitely bring the house down.

David Guetta

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