A hilarious way of facing reality – Avenue Q

Avenue Q Tickets

I watched Avenue Q with a bunch of outspoken friends last Sunday evening. It was the most hilarious play by far that I have watched, and it should not be taken lightly. Issues tackled were real and we are plagued by these almost everyday. Of course, we laughed our way towards the end, relating to most of the issues the ‘puppets’ face, especially when it came to the very touchy issue of love. The puppets were in their early 20s and already lamenting with their so-called ‘doomed’ love life while a couple of us who are in our mid-30s (yes, I am 35! and proud) were nonchalant about it, but were instantly sucked into their stories. We sniffed and brushed some tears from falling when the lead lady ‘puppet’ Kate Monster sang ‘There’s a Fine, Fine Line’ … a fine, fine line between love and wasting your time… That really hits right thru the core.

I can’t wait for the next musical to come by. The Jersey Boys will be the next.

Avenue Q Tickets








Photo courtesy of Nyap


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