Time out – I am selling my Capiz Shells bracelets

Capiz Shell Bracelets

Just a little time out – I have these Capiz Shells Bracelets that I fell in love with a couple of years back. I found them again in one of my travels, and I bought more. Some colors I bought a couple of pieces more as I thought some ladies would love to have these as fashion accessories, putting some life to a rather dull get up.

If anyone is interested in buying these, I am selling at SG$15 per piece. I only have limited number of pieces per color, 1-2 pieces each. Too bad, I will only be able to sell this within Singapore, where I am based. I can’t ship these overseas as I am afraid it might get lost, and the shipment might even be more expensive compared to the cost of the item.
I love these pieces as it is quite extraordinary. It is not the usual silver or gold pieces that you find in the market. Capiz Shells are attractive pieces that could go with anything. At night, under artificial light, it glows differently as compared to daytime. I receive a number of compliments whenever I use these (I have the fuschia colored bracelet).
If you are in Singapore and are interested in any of these, leave a message on this blog post with your contact email or number (if you are alright to leave it here and risk having lots of callers). I will get back to you the soonest I see this (thank God for mobile app, I can access Blogger anywhere. Download it. It’s easier to use and navigate).
Tada, ladies. Until my next post.
For the curious ones, here are some quick facts about Capiz Shells that I found in wikipedia –¬†http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capiz
Capiz Shell Bracelets
Capiz Shell Bracelets for sale at SG$15 per piece

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