The Rebel Prince by Joseph Aloysius

The Rebel Prince by Joseph Aloysius - Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week

I reconnected with Joseph Aloysius or as I fondly call him – Jo-Al since our younger years – in New York in 2005. He was living the life of fashion being a columnist and stylist. He has immersed himself in the city that never sleeps, where sex and the city come together perfectly. And I have to say that he has come a long way! And I am ultra-proud of him.

Fast forward to 2012, he joined Project Runway Philippines. Albeit brief his stint, it brought him the exposure he needed to start and be where he is right now. His fashion ideas are fresh and very New York-like, or a ‘Yorker as I would call it, and I am confident that he can inject a vibrant change in Philippine Fashion. He is used to the fast-paced life of the cosmo-city and Manila might be slightly unwelcoming at first, but hey, we need to catch up with what is in the global playground. I am confident that Manila or the Philippines will be catching up very fast, and we need to start it now with the likes of Joseph Aloysius.

Come August 26, Jo-Al will be showcasing his ‘The Rebel Prince’ collection during the Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week at the Robinson’s Place Manila. Be there to catch the show and see for yourself how his collection will change the way we see Philippine (Men) Fashion.

The Rebel Prince by Joseph Aloysius - Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week

The event is now on Facebook – Click on to get invited and go.


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