A reunion of sorts – Expendables 2 movie

I am not really a fan of watching action packed movies unless the stars are gorgeous hunks that I can drool over and give my ‘oohhhsss’ and ‘aaahhhsss’. But on this #HariRaya Holiday, I decided to drag my brother to the nearest cinema in my ‘hood to watch the #Expendables #Expendables2. And boy, I was not disappointed.


Source: IMDb website

The movie opened with the usual action stunts pulled – a team of mercenaries on the way to save two persons (important, I guess… no spoilers, please!) captured by militants (or so they seem) and eventually managed to complete the job. The story plateaued a little bit, but eventually picked up when they agreed to do a seemingly simple job, but when it went wrong, it chaos and havoc ensued as they seek their revenge.

What made this special is that, despite the shooting, firing and explosives everywhere (and of course, blood splattered all over), it is like a reunion of sorts – of the old action film stars – Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Lundgren, Willis, Van Damm, Crews, Couture, Li and the comparably younger Statham.¬† Of course, there is Chuck Norris! The scriptwriters have wonderfully intertwined the Chuck Norris jokes (that most likely revived the interest on Chuck Norris) into the movie, which I found very brilliant to do so. It cracked me up. I don’t care what critics would say, but I enjoyed it the exchange and banter between Christmas, Barney and Booker, who is also wittingly referred to as the Lone Wolf, from Norris’ 1983 movie Lone Wolf McQuade.

Finding all these age-ing, yet ageless stars, I find it very amusing that they can still pull it off with all those action moves. Oh, not to mention that probably it is botox that made Stallone look a little bit younger. And I have to give it, too, to Schwarzenegger and Willis who still have the groove. But to top it all – it is Statham that I ‘heart’ – that is why I watched this show.


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